Swatcher Spotlight- Eng

swatcher spotlight

Our second Swatcher spotlight is shining on Eng.

3 copy

Let’s learn a bit about Eng.

According to my hubby,  I’m nice, crafty, creative, and super hard headed. haha
I have 3 wonderful kids. Two teenage boys and a little girl, they are my world. Though I won’t ask them to describe me. I’m not sure what they would say.
I have always love to paint my nails, but didn’t really get into it until about a year and a half ago when my friend Melissa @melissarenea showed my nailart world on IG. I’ve been hooked ever since.
My first love is photography but I’m not as good as I like to be. I’m always looking for things to do or learn. I love music and one day I would like to learn to play the piano.

When the kids leave the house that will be my next goal to accomplish.
Whatever you’d like to share. I love to read non-fiction books, espeically history books. I love to study/learn about WWII. I love Harry Potter and after reading those books I can’t seem to find anything as good so that’s why I started reading history books and I’m hooked since. I love colors of every shade, sparkly, soft, and cute things. So basically I’m a girly girl. The best thing I like to do at the end of the day is to sit on the couch and watch a movie with my hubby. Blog and Social media links Social media is so new to me. I’m still trying to get use to it. 


The lacquer duos Eng co-created with us are:

INTEGRITY‘- A bold silver, linear holo


integrity drip

integrity macro.png

(macro swatch provided by Eng)


DIVINE NATURE‘ – A creamy, neutral beige with pink/lavender shimmer

divine nature

divine nature drip

divine nature macro

(macro swatch provided by Eng)


You can purchase the Swatcher Spotlight duo HERE.

Eng chose the charity, Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Ronald McDonald House mission:

“The mission of RMHC is to create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and wellbeing of children.”

Click on the link above to read more about Ronald McDonald House Charities and their services.

30% of sales for this duo will be donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities!

Check out more photos and follow Eng on her BlogInstagram , Facebook and Youtube.

Thank you so much for helping us give back!

Ari and Sacha

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Swatcher Spotlight-Lelia

swatcher spotlight


We’re very excited about our first Swatcher Spotlight!

This Swatcher spotlight is on Lelia.


Read below to learn a bit about Lelia.

My name is Lelia, I’m 38 and live in Kansas with my hubby, our teenage daughter and a smooth coat Brussels Griffon named Ludo.
I’ve always loved having my nails done, but I really got into it when I saw people posting their nail pics on IG about 3 years ago.                                                                                                                          My first indie? Jior Couture Cat’s Corn-er…a holo thermal that knocked my socks off.                                I applied to swatch for Jior Couture not long after when she put out a call on IG and the rest is history! I couldn’t have picked a better brand to support and become friends with.                                        I absolutely love indie polish and am doing my best to support them all!
When Sacha asked me to participate in the Swatcher Spotlight I was humbled and very excited.                                                                                                                                                                  The charity I chose is called Darkness to Light. It’s goal is to help prevent child sexual abuse. This cause is close to my heart as my daughter was sexually abused. I wish no child the pain and suffering of having to endure this awful crime. I talked with my daughter about this before choosing it and she agreed wholeheartedly. She’s a very strong young lady and so amazing…I’m lucky to be her mom.

The lacquer duos Lelia co-created with us are:

In Darkness, which is a dark teal crelly




There Is Light, which is an aqua/teal holo



You can purchase the Swatcher Spotlight duo here.


Lelia chose the charity, DARKNESS TO LIGHT

Darkness To Light’s mission is to prevent and end child sexual abuse.

Click on the link above to read more about  Darkness to Light and their services.

30% of sales for this duo will be donated to  Darkness To Light!


Check out more photos and follow Lelia on Instagram. She also has a blog, so be sure to head over there too! 


Thank you so much for helping us give back!

Ari and Sacha

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Swatcher Spotlight

swatcher spotlight

We believe it is so very important to give back.

When good things happen in your life it’s important to share that good.

We have come up with a great idea called Swatcher Spotlight.

Swatcher Spotlight will be a great way to showcase our absolutely amazing and talented Jior swatchers AND give back to some great charities!


Swatcher Spotlight will work like this.

One of our Jior swatchers will be picked by us.

We will work with the chosen swatcher and co-create a nail lacquer duo.

The swatcher will choose a charity and 30% of each sale of the duo will be donated to the charity.

A post about the swatcher and charity will be written on our blog here.

The post will include a photo, a short bio, social media and blog links about the chosen swatcher.

Information and a link about the charity will also be included so you may get more information.

We’re very excited about Swatcher Spotlight and we hope you participate and support the causes.

Sacha and Ari

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Today I have for you, a collection that I’ve been wanting to put out for awhile!

A few months ago I had a poll asking ‘What is your favorite nail lacquer?’

Holographic and Thermal tied with HJelly/Crelly very close behind. So I decided to make this collection a thermal/holo/jelly collection!

Star Signs (Zodiac) collection is a 13 pc collection. Check it out!


This collection is available now at

Check out some reviews on this new collection.

Be sure to follow these wonderful Jior Reviewers!

Alix-Instagram @teoqeg

Heather- Miss Mani Monster 

Lori- Instagram @staryynails

Narmai- Piggie Luv

Vanessa- Instagram @nessduh

Jennifer- Instagram @purrfectly_polished

Jennifer- Peer Pressure Polish

Lelia- Instagram @grneyegoddess7

Rosa-Manicured & Marvelous

Tiffany- Polished To Precision

Babi- Color Sutraa

Elizabeth- Polished Petite


Which is your favorite color so far?

Will you pick up your Star Sign or grab the whole collection?





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SCENTS OF SPRING (Spring 2014) Collection


Spring has Sprung!

To bring in the new season, we have introduced a fun new 13 piece collection.

This collection consists of:

6 scented pastel pearl shimmers

6 bright bold cremes


1 fun glitter crelly!


The cremes and pearl shimmers are coordinating lacquers.

Their names compliment each other just like their colors



Sprung is a cotton candy pink with a pink shimmer and pink, gold and yellow glitter.


Citrus is a dark yellow creme
Grove is a pearl yellow shimmer with a sparkling citrus scent



Flowering is a light grey creme
Magnolia is a pearl silvery white shimmer with a light magnolia scent


Fresh is a green creme
Fruit is a pearl green shimmer with a juicy fruit scent


Orchid is a purple creme
Bloom is a pearl purple shimmer with a soft orchid scent


Rose is a pink creme
Buds is a pearl pink shimmer with the soft scent of a rose bouquet


Sweet is a blue creme
Nectar is a pearl blue shimmer with a sweet nectar scent


Do you have a favorite lacquer, set or will you be going for the FULL COLLECTION?

As always, Jior Couture lacquers are available in limited quantities and are not restocked.


These lacquers are available at

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Custom Nail Lacquer Order- FEMME VINTAGE

I had the absolute pleasure meeting a very amazing young woman named Katlyne. We meet at the EXQUISITE SOCIALITES event that was held in Boston, MA on March 1, 2014. I had a table displaying my lacquers and Katlyne came over for some purchases. I called her the turquoise lady because she kept picking up the same bottle of turquoise lacquer, haha.

She recently placed an order for custom nail lacquer for her church youth group. She wanted minis called ‘FEMME VINTAGE’ and yup, you guessed it, the color was a gorgeous teal/turquoise color.

Katlyne used the custom color picker on our website. This is the color she chose for her custom order.




Check out the picks of her custom order



What do you think?

I loved working with Katlyne and creating this beautiful custom color.

If you would like to place your own custom order click HERE


Sacha Junique



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Scented nail lacquer application

Scented polish…pretty and smells great! Though they are pretty awesome, some have a slow dry time.

Try these tips for scented nail lacquer application

  • As always, start out with clean, dry nails
  • Apply a quality base coat. We suggest Jior Couture STICK TO ME Adhesive base coat or SMOOTH & NOURISH ME Ridge Filling base coat.
  • Applying a base color helps in that you won’t need to apply too many coats of scented nail lacquer.
  • Roll the bootle of scented nail lacquer to evenly distribute the scent oils.
  • Apply a very thin and even coat and allow to dry for at least 5-10 minutes.
  • Apply a coat of quick dry top coat. We suggest Jior Couture COVER ME Fast Dry top coat.
  • Apply another coat of scented nail lacquer, allow to dry 5-10 minute.
  • Apply your last coat of top coat.
  • Finish off with a great cuticle balm. Try Jior Couture CUTICLE BALM ME


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