THE BAKERY Collection

A collection of 6 scented glitter jellies!

This new collection will have you craving sweets!

They smell so delicious you’ll want to lick your nails.

(Please don’t lick you nails or try to eat your lacquer. Though they smell REALLY yummy, they are not made for consumption.)

Try pairing these lacquers with their coordinating colors from THE DRINK BAR Collection.

the bakery set

FRENCH VANILLA POUND CAKE- A creamy off white crelly with black micro glitter.  The scent is of warm vanilla.

Swatch shown with French Vanilla Pound Cake over Vanilla Milkshake.

vpc over vm swatch

SPICED APPLE DANISH- A red jelly with medium, red, hexagonal and micro, red glitter. The scent is of spicy baked apples.

Swatch shown with Spiced Apple Danish over Spiced Apple Cider.

sad over spc swatch

CINNAMON STICKY BUN-  A yellow-orange jelly small red glitter. The scent is of cinnamon and syrup.

Swatch shown with Cinnamon Sticky Bun over Cinnamon Iced Tea.

csb over cit swatch

BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE-  A bright blue jelly with small and medium, matte hexagonal glitter. The scent is of blueberries and cream.

Swatch shown with Blueberry Cheesecake overBlueberry Smoothie.

bc over bd swatch

LEMON CAKE- A bright yellow jelly with white bar glitter. The scent is of fresh lemons and icing.

Swatch shown with Lemon Cake over Sparkling Lemonade

lc over sl swatch

CARAMEL CHOCO CHUNCH COOKIE- A warm brown jelly with medium, brown, hexagonal glitter and small copper glitter. The scent is of caramel and chocolate.

Swatch shown with Caramel Choco Chunk Cookie over Caramel Mocha Iced Latte.

cccc over cmil

The name on the bottle indicates the scent of the lacquer once dry. Use of Jior Couture Top coat “COVER ME’ is recommended to seal the glitter for a smooth finish.

Though you may wear these lacquers alone, they are best layered over creme finishes. ‘THE DRINK BAR’ Collection was designed for this collection.

These lacquers can be found at



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