I was nominated for a Liebster Award!

Thank your SO VERY much Ressa Dennis for nominating me. When you have a chance go check her site out she has some gorgeous swatches!

Ok, so before I was nominated I had NO idea what a Liebster award was.

When I received the notification that I was nominated I started researching. There’s a ton of stuff about the Liebster award, so i’ve condensed and tweaked the rules.


So a Liebster award  in given to up and coming bloggers.

How it works is like this:

1. First you post the award on your blog.

2. You thank the blogger who presented you with the award (thanks again Ressa Dennis !) and you link back to them on the post.

3. You share 5-11 random facts about yourself.

4. Since the Liebster is all about spreading the word about newbie bloggers you must nominate 5-11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers and post links to their sites. Then go on their site and let them know you nominated them.

5. The person who nominated you will have questions for you to answer and you must come up with 5-11 questions for your nominees to answer.


Ok, so Here we go-

11 Random Facts about me

1: I LOVE elephants and Giraffes! I wish I could combine them and make a Giraphant!

2: When I was 6 years old I electrocuted myself (accidentally) and spent 18 months in the hospital. I had to get a cadaver body part.

3: I hate walking on unfamiliar grass because the thought of stepping in poo gives me the heebie jeebies.

4: I still say cooties…ewwww

5: I know the following movies by heart, The Color Purple, Dirty Dancing and Love and Basketball.

6: I have 3 children, all 6 years apart.

7: My favorite color since I was 2 has been PURPLE!

8: I broke my foot climbing a tree when I was 5 years old. I walked around on it all summer because I was afraid to tell my mom (she did tell me to stay out that tree!). I had to get it re-broken and set correctly when I was 20yrs old.

9: I sometimes stand in front of a mirror and pretend to have a dance battle….with myself! (Don’t judge me, it’s funny and always brightens me up when I’m having a bad day)

10: My 9 year old daughter is my business partner.

11: I scare my Yorkie Tessie by dancing ‘The Creep‘ near her. It’s hilarious!


My 11 Blogger nominees 

1. Ari J

2. Afro Bella

3. Delectable Desires

Chromatic Misadventures

5. I feel Polished!

6. I’m Still Thinking

7. Janet Planet Nails

8. Melanie’s Fancies

9. Miss Mani Monster

10. My Life Runs On Food

11. Nailed Blog


The 11 questions asked by Ressa Dennis

1. Whats your favorite brand of Nail Polish and why?

Jior Couture Nail Lacquer (of course)

2. Do you prefer acrylic nails or your natural nails?

Natural Nails

3. What Movie were you afraid of when you were little?

Poltergeist (I just looked under my desk thinking about it!)

4. What has been one of the happiest moments in your life so far?

I don’t have just one happy moment. All three of my babies births were amazing moments and my wedding day.

5. What do you hate (it could be anything)?

I hate when people who don’t clean up after their dogs, ugh! 

6. Whats your favorite COMFORT food?

Haitian rice and beans, mmmm (insert Homer Simpson voice)

7. Who’s your favorite out of the Kardashian Sister’s (I like Khloe)?

Khoe all the way!

8. Do you think you could ever be a vegetarian (why or why not)?

I tried, it was so hard. Maybe i’ll learn more about it and try again.

9. Whats your favorite TYPE of Polish (jelly, crelly, glitter, rainbow, solid, matte, texture) and why?

Holographic! I love the way it looks in sunlight.

10. What more would you like to see on my blog?

More of your beautiful swatches!

11. Ever touched a dolphin before? If so what did it feel like? If no would you ever want to or not and why?

Yes! It felt like wet rubber.


Questions for my nominees

1: Who would play you if your life became a script for a movie?

2: What was your favorite childhood toy?

3: What’s the best dessert you’ve ever had?

4: What’s your favorite book?

5: Cats or Dogs?

6: Describe or share a view out of your window. (I know, this isn’t a question, meh)

7: Do you collect anything? If so, what?

8: What did/ do you want to be when you grew/grow up?

9: Why did you start blogging?

10: What’s your favorite song?

11: What colors and/or finishes would you like to see me add to the Jior Couture Nail Lacquer lineup?


Well, that’s it. whew!



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