Thermal Nail Lacquer Application

Thermal nail lacquers are lacquers that change color with heat or cold. Try these tips for ease of application.

  • With most thermal nail lacquers, the color is lighter and more sheer in its warm state.
  • Applying thermal lacquer can be a bit tricky. If your hands are very warm, the lacquer may seem to be very sheer.
  • To see the true color of your thermal during application without having to apply several coats, cool your hands down first.
  • Wash your hands in cool/cold water prior to nail lacquer application. Be sure to dry hands thoroughly before applying lacquer.
  • You could also try doing your mani in a cool room. Be sure to not sit too close to blowing air, like a fan or air conditioning. This blowing air will dry your lacquer out before you can apply it to your nails.
  • Brush on lacquer in 1-3 coats and allow to dry completely.  Apply top coat if necessary.

very berr-witching

Photo credit to:  Vanessa- Instagram @nessduh (lacquer: Jior Courture VERY BERR-WITCHING Halloween 2013)


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One comment on “Thermal Nail Lacquer Application
  1. Lelia Pierce says:

    I adore thermals…Jior Couture especially!


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