Swatcher Spotlight

swatcher spotlight

We believe it is so very important to give back.

When good things happen in your life it’s important to share that good.

We have come up with a great idea called Swatcher Spotlight.

Swatcher Spotlight will be a great way to showcase our absolutely amazing and talented Jior swatchers AND give back to some great charities!


Swatcher Spotlight will work like this.

One of our Jior swatchers will be picked by us.

We will work with the chosen swatcher and co-create a nail lacquer duo.

The swatcher will choose a charity and 30% of each sale of the duo will be donated to the charity.

A post about the swatcher and charity will be written on our blog here.

The post will include a photo, a short bio, social media and blog links about the chosen swatcher.

Information and a link about the charity will also be included so you may get more information.

We’re very excited about Swatcher Spotlight and we hope you participate and support the causes.

Sacha and Ari


Cruelty and 5 free Custom Created Nail Lacquer and Nail & Skin care products

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One comment on “Swatcher Spotlight
  1. Such an amazing idea! Excited to see what’s to come!

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