Jior Couture Nail Lacquer Finishes

With so many lacquer finishes it can become quite confusing understanding them all.
We hope this guide we have provided will help eliminate the nail lacquer finish confusion.                                                                    An (*) will appear next to finishes we have used and/or currently use in the Jior Couture line.

sheer*SHEER-Sheer finishes are very transparent. Sheer lacquers are often used for french manicures to show the white tip of the fingernail. Sheer finishes are most often beige or pink in color.

jelly*JELLY-Jelly finishes are much like sheer finishes but contain brighter colors, usually obtained from liquid dye instead of pigment. The finish has a high gloss, jelly-like appearance once dried.

crelly*CRELLY-A Crelly finish is a jelly finish with a more opaque look. It is the mid point of a true jelly and creme finish. This finish tend to achieve this opacity through use of pigments instead of liquid dyes.

milky*MILKYMilky finish is a slightly less opaque creme with added glitter. It is a bit more opaque than a crelly.  The glitter in a milky finish does not show through the base color as clearly as it does in a jelly glitter finish.

creme*CREME-Creme finish contain color that is free of any inclusions (shimmer, glitter, flakies, etc). The finish tend to be opaque and is quite glossy and smooth once dried.

shimmer*SHIMMER-Shimmer finish is similar to a creme finish but with added shimmer particles. The added shimmer is typically silver or gold.

holographic*HOLOGRAPHIC-Holographic finish contain light reflecting pigment that gives the finish a rainbow appearance over the base color. This rainbow effect is best seen in sunlight. This finish may have a linear or scattered holo effect.

duo:multi chrome*DUO/MULTI-CHROME-Duochrome or Multi-Chrome finishes are colors that shift from one color to show 2 or more different colors. These color changes show best in natural light.

iridescent*IRIDESCENT-Iridescent finish is a color that has shimmer particles that gives the appearance of a different color sheen on the surface. Much like the sheen on the surface of a pearl. The slight sheen of color is often so slight that it may go unnoticed.

micro glitter*MICRO GLITTER-Micro glitter finish is a sheer, jelly or creme base that is densely packed with very small glitter particles. These glitters are usually a different color than the base lacquer color.  Micro glitter lacquers usually have a textured feel once dry.

glitter*GLITTER-Glitter finish is a sheer or jelly finish with added glitter. The glitter added is not as dense as in microglitter finish. This finish is usually layered over more opaque lacquers. Glitters added can be a mix of various shapes, sizes and colors.

texturedTEXTURED- Textured finished are very similar to micro glitter finish. Textured lacquers usually have particles, such as micro glitter, that gives the lacquer a textured look once dry. The particles, or micro glitter in textured finish are usually the same color as the base lacquer lacquer.  

glass flecks*GLASS FLECK-Glass fleck finish contains inclusions that appear as small glass particles. These particles are larger than shimmer, but smaller that glitter particles.

flakies*FLAKIE-Flakie finish usually consist of a jelly base with thin, fine opal-like particles. These particles are often multi-chrome, giving off an array of colors. Flakie finishes are typically used for layering over other colors.

metallic*METALLIC-Metallic finishes gives the appearance of metal on the nails. Popular colors for metallic finish are gold, silver, copper and bronze.

foil *FOIL-Foil finish consist of a metallic base with added shimmer and/or microglitter. The shimmer or glitter used is very fine and gives the lacquer a textured look.

frost*FROST-Frost finish is a creme that has a metallic sheen.

pearl*PEARL-Pearl finish is very similar to the frost finish but it has a pearly sheen.

-Matte finishes are much like creme finish but dry completely matte, no shine at all. There are no inclusions such as shimmer, glitter, flakies, etc.

satin*SATIN-Satin finish is the middle ground between creme and matte finish. It is a matte finish with a slight shine.

suede*SUEDE-Suede finishes are similar to matte finish. Suede finish dries matte. Unlike matte, suede finishes contain shimmer or micro glitter particles to give the finish a textured look.


crackleCRACKLE- Crackle finish dries to a ‘cracked line’ look. Crackles come in various colors and some may include micro glitter.

metallic*MAGNETIC- Magnetic lacquers contain iron oxides. A special magnetic disc is held over the wet lacquer to pull the iron oxides to the surface. This creates a creative design on the nail. When the magnetic disc is not used, this lacquer will dry to a pearl or metallic or creme finish.

photo chromic*PHOTO CHROMIC (UV/BLACKLIGHT REACTIVE)- Photo chromatic, or UV reactive finishes glow under ultraviolet light/black light or sunlight. Most Glow-in-the-dark and neon finishes react under uv/black lights. 

luminescent*LUMINESCENT (GLOW-IN-THE-DARK)-Luminescent finish is also referred to as glow in the dark finish. This finish contains luminescent pigment that is activated by light. This lacquer often dries matte.

thermo chromic*THERMO CHROMIC (THERMAL)-Thermal finish contains pigments that react to changes in temperature. When there is a change in temperature this finish will change from one color to another.


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